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Man-In-Space Firsts:
Haute Couture

First to fly without spacesuits: Cosmonauts Konstantin Feoktistov, Vladimir Komarov and Boris Yegorov in Voskhod 1 in October 1964 were the first to fly without spacesuits.

First change of clothes: In January 1969, with Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 docked together in space, cosmonauts Alexei Yeliseyev and Yevgeny Khrunov donned spacesuits for a one-hour spacewalk. They left Soyuz 5, pulling themselves along handrails to the Soyuz 4 airlock.

First American change: Apollo 10 astronauts Thomas Stafford and Eugene Cernan, in a May 1969 full dress rehearsal for a Moon landing, donned spacesuits for their ride down to within ten miles of the Moon's surface.

First dress shirt and tie in space: Jeffrey Hoffman dressed up to teach elementary pupils on the ground by TV from shuttle Columbia in December 1990.

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