Anthony R. "Tony" Curtis

        My name is Tony Curtis. I've been in ham radio since
        1954 when I was licensed as WN8TIZ at Marietta, Ohio.
        I went on to become W8TIZ and then moved to Pennsylvania
        where I switched to K3RXK, which I still use.

        I am a professor in the Department of Mass Communications
        of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.
        I'm also the editor of Space Today Online, which is an
        Internet newsmagazine about space and astronomy. STO covers
        just about everything from Earth to the edge of
        the Universe.

        As an Extra Class ham, I'm pretty much interested in
        everything from DC to daylight -- hamsats, emergency public
        service work, dxing, ragchewing, packet & APRS, antennas,
        propagation, hf, vhf, uhf, QRP, cw, fm, ssb, contesting,
        QSLing, you name it [station data]. I'm a life member of the
        League and a firm supporter of AMSAT and TAPR. You may have
        read some of my stuff about amateur satellites in the past.
        I have been president of amateur radio clubs and
        repeater associations in the past. I also have done
        a variety of jobs in the ARRL field organization.
        I have been SEC (MDC), OES, ORS, OBS, OO. I was Net
        Manager for the Maryland Emergency Phone Net (MEPN).
        Today I am a national Educational Advisor to the ARRL,
        a volunteer instructor, and a volunteer examiner for
        the ARRL/VEC. I/m also very interested in
        virtual worlds on the Internet and Second Life
        in particular. I also have a virtual stamp album
        on the web on the topical theme of mass communication.

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        73 and see you at Dayton,
        Tony         e-mail
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